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Innovating in computer science to increase peer collaboration and deepen reflection


MAIN FEATURES We built RecapCS after talking to high school students, teachers, and professional development providers.

We're proud to present something that will help teachers better understand and address their students' learning challenges in computer science!

Ask & Answer Questions

Students can post questions to ask for support from their classmates and their instructors.

Save Bookmarks and Resources

Students also bookmark useful replies for future reference. Both teachers and students can upload useful CS project resources in a shared class resource repository.

Peer Mentors and Recognition

We call our peer mentors Breakthrough Heroes. To help students document their triumphs, breakthroughs are designed to help students reflect on their solutions when they encounter similar processes in the future.

Set Goals and Track Project Journeys

Students can revise and customize each project phase throughout their projects, connecting project milestones with their Q&A records. Their instructors can then confirm their project milestone progress and also add new goals for students during check-ins.

Teacher Virtual Community of Practice

Teachers can cross-post questions and resources between their classes and a virtual cohort of their colleagues and mentors grouped by district, state, and professional development providers.
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